EGSSIS is AS4 compliant


ENTSOG is facilitating and enhancing the cooperation between national gas of TSOs across Europe. Purpose of ENTSOG is promoting the completion and functioning of the internal market in natural gas. Harmonization of data exchange is in this context important. Why is harmonization important? As many parties are involved, the need for harmonization will lead to a uniform standard for market communications (one system, one common protocol) and faster implementation (set-up of new communication, only configuration, no coding required) For involved market parties this will lead to cost reduction (less expertise and systems required for all communications).


AS4 is functionally similar than older communication standards, but:

  • Based on a more modern Web Services technology.
  • Provides enhancements for SMEs (client only endpoints).

AS4 is an interoperable technology. AS4 supports business processes and the data exchange via Edig@s-XML formats.


EGSSIS has successfully passed AS4 testing with several European grid operators.