Used in-house by our operations team and our clients. Cosmos is a private cloud hosted Edig@s mapping and communication solution.

Communication towards TSOs, storage operators and counterparties is facilitated by Cosmos. The functionalities include:

  • Support of standard gas operations messages: nomination, confirmation, allocation. Edig@s is the standard for these messages.
  • Mapping ‘any to any’ – Cosmos supports XML and other formats. Therefore changes in message formats are not impacting your systems.
  • Forwarding and rerouting of messages. Using Cosmos there is no need to setup your own AS2/AS4 servers and connections.
  • Cosmos interfaces with systems like Gemini (UK) and Gasport B2B (NL).
  • Cosmos supports various protocols: FTP, IDSN, sFTP internet, AS2/AS4, web services.

EGSSIS operations relies on using Cosmos for its clients and therefore knows first hand about the need for 24/7 availability.

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