2020: Our year in review



In 2018-19 a new strategy was formulated at EGSSIS. The ambitious goal for the coming years is to become the best choice amongst gas & power service providers in Europe. In this blog we’ll look back at what we did so far to achieve this goal.

Where ’18 & ’19 could be interpreted as years of ‘preparation’ and gradual change, 2020 was a year of more radical transformation to become a fully ‘agile’ organization.

Embracing ‘agile’

During last quarter of 2019 we started rolling out a new way of working at EGSSIS. On the one hand we wanted a stronger focus on ‘business analysis’ to make sure we’re building the right feature.

By involving key stakeholders from our customers in the development process we create an environment of shared responsibility and we limit faulty assumptions. This co-creation ensures we build the right feature and allows us to adapt quickly during development.

On the other hand, Jan Corluy  & Thomas Van Buggenhout (our CTO & Product Owner), have refined our approach to development so that we build the feature right. Our cross-functional development team has different profiles: software developers, Testers, UX/UI experts, and the product owner.

To realize this, we have finetuned our system of working in ‘sprints’ of 2 weeks. Each sprint can be likened to a small project containing objectives to design, build, test, and release certain features. Below is an example of how such a sprint can be structured:

To summarize, this agile way of working, in close collaboration with key stakeholders allows us to build a better product, that matches the needs of EGSSIS’ users.

Last but not least, we avoid one of the main pitfalls seen with older (“waterfall”) IT development approaches; where mismatches are often only spotted after months of development. 

2020 in numbers

In 2020 we saw 21 major product releases go live for EgssPort Gas & Power, and Cosmos. In total our cross-functional teams rolled out over 480 new features & improvements. A few highlights:

  1. EgssPort Power:
    • Full set-up of 6 power grids RTE (France), Creos (Luxembourg) &  4 German power grids: Amprion, Tennet DE, 50Hertz, TransnetBW
    • Auto-balancing for power-grids in Germany & Luxembourg – co-developed with Enovos
    • Balancing Service Provider functionality for Belgian flexibility markets (STAR, BMAP, PROBID integration, etc.) – cocreation with a large customer
    • Implementation of latest CIM (Common Information Model) standard for market communication with TSOs
  2. EgssPort Gas:
    • A full rework of capacity management (screens, settings, etc.)
    • Further updates to REMIT reporting & PRISMA API
    • Expansion of the GASSCO grid functionality (Norway)

Important milestones & looking forward

There are many big IT projects ongoing to improve the quality of our solutions. Here’s a quick selection of a few key projects that are ongoing besides the implementation of new grids and regular updates to EgssPort gas and power.

  • The UX/UI rework is in full swing. EgssPort Gas users will be the first to experience the new User Interface by Q2 2021
  • Full upgrade of the Cosmos Communication Engine is ongoing since Q3 ’20 and on track to make our market communications even more robust
  • The EGSSIS Mobile App is on the way: expect a sneak peek soon!
  • We are making our solutions more ‘event-driven’ – our CTO will share an update the coming weeks on our Eventstore/Eventhub
  • IT Security wise we’ve made great strides, the ISAE 3000 Type 1 SOC2 audit is proof of this, and much more is to come on this front with a ISO27001 certification planned in 2021
  • Read more on our IT platform on https://docs.egssis.com/

In 2021 many of these projects will see the light of day. You’ll be able to read more about our plans by the end of January, as we release our Roadmap 2021 update.