24/7 operation from 01.05.2020 as BKV in electricity in Germany is required


On 12 April 2019, the Federal Network Agency approved the new standard balancing group contract for the 4 control areas in Germany of the transmission system operators (TSOs).

New: Urgent Call

In order to eliminate abusive scheduling, the TSO may request final subsequent scheduling from the balancing group manager (BKV). In order to ensure this process, the TSO has the right to carry out test requests twice per calendar year.  This request by the TSO is sent via email to the BKV!

Violation of the essential duties of the contract

If the scheduling is not sent or not sent in time, this constitutes a violation of the essential obligations of the balancing group contract. The BKV therefore requires a 24/7 operation which monitors the receipt of the email and in this case sends the schedules again to the TSO.


This affects the BKVs in the German control areas:

  • 50 Hz
  • amprion
  • TenneT
  • TransnetBW