EGSSIS NV is a Belgian service provider offering gas and power operations and software solutions. We started in 2008 and rely on knowledge and operational experience since 1998 in the European energy markets. In 2018 business activities were expanded by having local presence in the German market via EGSSIS Deutschland GmbH and we started with a Sales Representative in Paris , France.

  • 50+ companies trust us and make use of our services. Check our reference page
  • EGSSIS is a certified Trading Agent on ICE ENDEX and PEGAS and acts on behalf of its customers.
  • As a member of EASEE-gas, EGSSIS participates in the streamlining of business processes and market communication.


Tom Dufraing CEO

10 years at Distrigas
4 years at Unilever

Founder of EGSSIS

Jean-François Van Snick Managing Partner

10 years at Fluxys
2 years at Citibank

Co-founder of EGSSIS

Jan Corluy Chief Technology Officer

18 years of experience in a wide range of IT roles across the public & private sector.

Dries Lamont Chief Growth Officer

9 years at start-ups including Showpad, Ground lion, C-Site
Growth Marketing Manager at EY

Stefan Quentin MD Germany

10 years sales & operations at Wingas and Wintershall

Alexandre Ktourza Country Manager France & Spain

13 years experience at Gas Natural Fenosa and Naturgy

Your Advantage

  • Cost savings and efficiency gains for your energy portfolio.
  • Hands-on & professional 24/7 operations to optimize your energy portfolio.
  • We are a trusted partner with over 20 years of experience in European energy markets, gas & power operations, and software development.
  • Network of partners in the energy business.

Our Mission

Our mission as a service provider is to serve you because YOU matter just as much to us as your business does. We excel when our contact is based on two levels, the human touch and the technical aspects.

At EGSSIS we are home to two kinds of people, butlers & whizzkids. The two of them are our guarantee to you, so no ‘marketing’ promise. So for you this means that our butlers are ready to serve you in the wink of an eye. With our SaaS solutions and dispatching team 24/7 to handle your operations we feed you with the most recent technical aspects of the business, show you what we have developed for you and your business and of course feed you with good company.

It is simple: we serve you the solutions that will keep your business running any time of the year, day or night. We are as fast as you need us to be. Any bump in the road, any detour , we are ready 24/7 to help you.

Meet EGSSIS ‘ Butlers & Whizzkids

  • Germany – 2019 November 5th – Marktdialog Marktgebietszusammenlegung – Hotel Nikko – Düsseldorf
  • France – 2019 Nov 12-14th – European Utility Week , Porte de Versailles
  • Germany – 2020 Feb 11-13th – E-world 2020 – Essen
  • Prague – 2020 June 11 th +12th – ETCSEE – Energy Trading