EGSSIS NV is a Belgian service provider offering gas and power operations and software solutions. We started in 2008 and rely on knowledge and operational experience since 1998 in the European energy markets. In 2018 business activities were expanded by having local presence in the German market via EGSSIS Deutschland GmbH.

  • Nearly 50 companies trust us and make use of our services. On the reference page you can find some of our clients.
  • EGSSIS is a certified Trading Agent on ICE ENDEX and PEGAS and acts on behalf of its customers.
  • As a member of EASEE-gas, EGSSIS participates in the streamlining of business processes and market communication.

What are your advantages?

  • Cost savings and efficiency gains in the management of your energy portfolio.
  • Real 24/7 operations to optimize your energy portfolio.
  • Trusted partner and over 10 years of experience in European energy markets in operations and software development.
  • Network of partners in the energy business. Among others CEE Service and Tangent Works.
  • Flexible and market-tested software according to the latest security standards as SaaS solutions.
  • Very flexible solutions adapted to your needs.

We look forward to help you with our solutions.