Transmission System Operators (TSOs) like Elia and TenneT have the responsibility to balance supply and demand. Energy is exchanged between grids in order to have a stable electricity grid, operating at a frequency of 50 Hertz. Connected parties share the responsibility for balancing and have to inform grid operators about their planned injections, offtakes and transports. A connected party is therefore called a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) or Access Responsible Party (ARP) in Belgium.

The challenge of BRPs? The dynamics of the power market require constant attention for balancing offtake and injection. Prices can be heavily influenced because of emergencies disturbing this balance. Therefore forecasting and intra-day follow up are a necessity when operating in the power market.

EGSSIS provides solutions for companies (becoming) active in the power markets.

  • Our software solution egssPort Power provides a clear overview of your portfolio and balancing. Combining information from various platforms and/or systems, you have the data and information to act in the dynamics of the power market.
  • Integrating Tangent Works’ solution for advanced forecasting addresses the needs for automation, speed, high volumes (of time series) forecasting and provides scalability. Tangent Works combines forecasting automation with these needs.
  • Our 24/7 operations provides follow up on power balancing and trading whether on a day ahead or intraday basis always acting on client’s guidelines for secondary reserve markets.

Power dispatching

Our operators are capable of trading on the various trade platforms, such as Comtrader and EPEX Spot. Trading is executed following specific instructions given by the client. For example:

  • Hard deal or no deal price limits (given at the time of handover)
  • Volumes to trade at “best bid/offer prices” to try and trade at market prices
  • Rates of volumes per timeframe at best possible prices

Market parties owning flexible assets can make use of our experience in handling reserve markets. For example, activation of secondary and tertiary reserves of Elia.

  • Activating/stopping flexible assets according to received instructions.
  • Act upon client instructions when free bids are active.