New balancing rules for the Spanish gas market in 2020


Graphical representation of the 3 new balancing zones in Spanish gas market from 2020On June 6, the Spanish regulator CNMC published the first 4 public consultations (out of 13!) as part of its new responsibilities on the energy markets.

New joint management

The CNMC is proposing a new joint management of the Spanish regasification capacity and storage of the LNG terminals, starting in January 2020. The goal is to increase the LNG trading in tank between the different LNG terminals and create a real LNG Hub in Spain.

In addition, this change also implies the implementation of new balancing rules with the creation of 3 distinct balancing zones:

  • PVB (Punto Virtual de Balance) for the transport network
  • TVB (Tanque Virtual de Balance) for the new joint management system of the LNG terminals
  • AVB (Almacenamiento Virtual de Balance) for the joint management of the storage