Gas Connect Austria (GCA) is a gas transmission operator. It operates and constructs the high-pressure pipelines. The network is connected to various cross-border pipelines, amongst others MAB (March-Baumgarten-Gasleitung) and TAG (Trans Austria Gasleitung) which is operated by the TSO TAG GmbH. Baumgarten is an important place and links Russian gas with Central European demand including the Northern Italian industrial areas (via TAG) and Slovenia (via SOL).

CEGH (Central European Gas) serves as a leading hub for trading and the virtual trading point is the gateway towards the domestic market. Seasonality and peak consumption of domestic demand is met by storages operated by OMV and RAG.


We handle the nomination and balancing of the Austrian gas transmission grid. Whether domestic supplies or trading on CEGH, EGSSIS handles your operations. Our team acts on your instructions, 24/7 or out of office hours and takes care of your portfolio. We use our software to communicate with Gas Connect Austria and your counterparties.