Fluxys operates the Belgian gas transmission grid and storage infrastructure Loenhout. The transmission grid is divided into the H-zone and L-zone. The H-zone corresponds to the high caloric subgrid and the L-zone to the low caloric subgrid. Enjoying a high level of interconnectivity with adjacent transmission grids and the LNG terminal in Zeebrugge, the Belgian grid is a central crossroad for gas flows in Northwestern Europe. This results in liquidity on the trading hubs ZEE and ZTP. Market parties need a license in order to become active on the Belgium gas market.

Elia operates the high-voltage (30 kV to 380 kV) electricity transmission system in Belgium. The transmission grid is connected to the neighboring grids of TenneT (Netherlands) and RTE (France). Elia is developing new interconnectors with Germany (ALEGro) and United Kingdom (Nemo). Keeping the balance between generation and consumption is one of the main tasks. Access Responsible Parties (ARP) help to maintain the balance between energie injections offtakes. Whether electricity producer, major consumer, electricity supplier or trader, they are tasked with maintaining a quarter-hourly balance. EPEX SPOT Belgium (formerly Belpex) gives market parties the possibility trading day ahead and intraday.


EGSSIS offers solutions in order to unlock value from the Belgian gas and power markets. Whether you are a energy supplier, trader or end users, we are dedicated to help you reaching your aim. Use our proven software for market communication, nomination and balancing.