The French gas market is one of the largest with respect to consumption in Europe. The gas transmission grid is connected with neighboring countries and has multiple LNG terminals along the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea. GRTgaz is the Northern grid operator and within this area PEG Nord provides a virtual point for gas transfer. Teréga (formerly TIGF) is responsible for the Southwestern part of France. The PEG Sud and PEG TIGF were combined to TRS (Trading Region South) providing a virtual point for the Southern market area. PEG Nord and TRS both provide gas exchange over the counter or via Powernex gas. (PEGAS) Within the market areas storage are operated in order to deal with seasonal variations in demand and cover peaks in consumption.

RTE is the TSO for the French transmission grid and seeks the balance between supply and demand of electricity. RTE owns the high and extra-high voltage grid. This grid is connected with the adjacent grids of Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. The Channel Cable is a HVDC interconnector linking the French market with the market in the United Kingdom. The Balance Responsible Entity system provides market access in order to carry out commercial transactions within the electricity sector. Each Balance Responsible Entity is responsible for its own activity portfolio, also known as his balance perimeter.


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