Germany is the largest gas market within Europe. The internal demand relies on gas imports from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands. Nordstream is a direct connection with Russia and other major pipelines are linked with Germany in order to connect Northwestern Europe with Russia.

Since October 2011 the German gas market is divided into two market areas or balancing zones: NetConnectGermany (NCG) and GASPOOL. Within these two market areas there are 16 transmission grid operators. In order to match seasonal variations in demand and peaks in consumption gas storages are used. The gas storage market is highly concentrated. Storage operators amongst others are Uniper Energy Storage, Astora and VNG Gasspeicher.

The PEGAS platform a cooperation of European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Powernext facilitates the trading on the hubs of NCG and GASPOOL. The hubs are virtual tradings points for gas exchange between market parties.


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