The National Network of Snam Rete Gas is the transmission grid of Italy. Most natural gas originates from imports. The grid is connected to import lines from Russia, Northern Europe and North Africa. The Industrial North of Italy is connected to Austria (Tarvisio) and Switzerland (Passo Griess). LNG is injected into the National Grid from the terminals operated by GNL Italy, Adriatic LNG and OLT Offshore LNG Toscana. In order to match seasonality and peak demand underground gas storages are used. Stogit and Edison Stoccaggio are the storage operators.

Shippers may sell and trade gas injected into the grid at the Virtual Trading Point (Punto di Scambio Virtuale). PSV is the Italian gas hub for trading and transfer at the VTP. PEGAS offers products on PSV and links it to other gas hubs.


EGSSIS offers solutions in order to unlock value from the Italian gas market. Whether you are an energy supplier, trader or end user, we are dedicated to help you reach your goal. Use our proven software for market communication (AS4), nomination and balancing.