E-World 2020 Recap


As you know we were present for the 11th year in a row at E-World. This edition was our biggest one in the history of EGSSIS.

We had over 100 booked meetings with prospects, customers, and market parties (TSOs, DSOs, etc.). Furthermore we attracted many passers-by with our interactive demo of the mobile application on a smartphone, engaging presentations by our CTO, UX Designer, and Product Owner, and of course the daily lottery of Belgian Beers!

Last but not least we also held interviews with several customers about the industry trends, and how they are working together with EGSSIS to realize their goals and ambitions. Watch the first of these E-World Talks below.

Just to give you an idea of the evolution we’ve gone through as a company here’s a picture of our booth at E-World 2011:

EGSSIS At E-World 2011

Below you can compare to some images from this year’s edition! 🙂