E-World Talks: Gasum


Finnish-stated owned company Gasum has gone through a big transformation during recent years. Formally known as having the monopoly for natural gas sales in Finland, and also being the transmission system operator for the Finnish gas market, Gasum is now making its mark as a Nordic energy company. Gasum operates in different commodity markets and provides natural gas, LNG, biogas, and power to its customers.

The natural gas market opened in Finland at the beginning of 2020 and the gas transmission responsibility was unbundled from Gasum at the same time. To be able to operate on open markets as well as to widen its offering to new markets, Gasum set up a new business unit responsible for portfolio management and trading. During the year 2019 new systems and procedures were established. Thanks to successful teamwork between the experts at Gasum, consultants, and reliable partners, a new chapter has started for Gasum.

After careful consideration in 2018, Gasum chose EGSSIS as their software & service provider for Gas operations. In Q2 2019 we started our project to set-up the necessary solutions and integrations with Gasum’s other IT systems, knowing we had to be fully integrated & up and running by Q4 2019. Watch the video to hear Mikko Askolin, Head of Operations & Development at Gasum, explain his experience working with us:

During the roll-out our business analysts and development team worked closely together with key project teams at Gasum & experts from BCG Platinion. We don’t have to tell you this is a true team effort with lots of people involved at EGSSIS and at the client.

Luckily our agile way of working and flexible mindset were a key factor why Gasum decided to partner with us and which helped us deliver on time & within budget. Here’s a summary of the key things we realized together:

  • Development, testing & going live with the gas operations software for Gasgrid Finland, a new market for EGSSIS
  • Set-up & tested the software for existing gasgrids GTS (Netherlands) and Energinet (Denmark) – these are ready to go once Gasum decides to start operations in these markets
  • Mapping, testing, and putting in place the market communication interfaces between Gasum and the market parties (such as TSOs) for these 3 countries
  • Integration through API with the back-end Gas solution of Hansen Technologies and the Commodity/Energy Trading & Risk Management (C/ETRM) solution of Pioneer Solutions