EASEEgas and AS4 Implementation


EASEEgas (European Association for the Streamlining of Energy Exchange gas) put forward the Common Business Practice (CBPs) document 2017-001/01 on Message Transmission Protocol for Document Exchange. CBPs are standards, procedures and/or protocols used throughout the gas industry in Europe. Adoption is recommended by EASEEgas for relevant industry players to simplify and streamline business processes across Europe.

CBP 2017-001/01

The CPB 2017-001/1 encourages members to start using the AS4 protocol. The reason for changing from AS2 to AS4 is twofold. First, ENTSOG chose a new standard for message exchange based on the European directive 2015/703 of 30 April 2015, establishing a Network Code on interoperability and data exchange rules. TSO are obliged to follow the Network Code. Since most parties exchange messages with the TSOs the framework has to be implemented for these parties as well. Second, security of the AS2 protocol is not on par with the latest security advisories. The protocol AS2 was used for more than 10 years. The CBP was developed by the EASEEgas Technology Standards Working Group and involved TSOs, Shippers, Producers and Service providers.

The development of the CBP was driven by the fact that the German regulator (Bundesnetzagentur) decided on an end date of January 2018 for AS2. In the Netherlands it is decided to end AS2 in May 2018. Given the fact many companies are active on NetConnect Germany, GASPOOL and GTS, these companies are forced to implement AS4. Therefore it seems feasible to set an end date of December 2018 on AS2 for the EASEEgas members.


EGSSIS as EASEEgas member is compliant with the latest CBP and has implemented AS4 in the communication software. EGSSIS on behalf of it’s clients is communicating with TSOs using AS4.