EGSSIS @ E-World 2019



For the very first time, people were able to meet the new Egssis at E-world, so this year’s edition was a special one to us. Not only were we happy to announce our newest mascots Timo the Butler and Tim the Whizzkid as part of our rebranding campaign, but also the release of our new egssPort web platform. For this new platform, our main goal was to make our clients’ portfolios more accessible. So now, with our new release, egssPort users no longer need to download any software. The only requirement is an Internet connection. That’s it!




For the third year in a row, we also organised our Belgian beer and cheese tasting event at E-world (because we love to spoil our clients and guests every now and then). As always, we enjoyed the interesting meetings and seminars that were organised by E-world, but most of all we took pleasure in the spontaneous conversations with our clients and guests.

Our team was happy to inform you and to have a chat (and beer) with you. Hope to see you next year!