Join us for Volley: Gent vs Maaseik

19/02/2022 · Edugo Arena, Gent

meet us in an informal setting

EGSSIS is a sponsor of Caruur Gent, a professional Belgian Volleyball team playing in the 1st division.

 We gladly invite you for the “Let’s go Crazy” Carnival VIP experience in Gent on Saturday 19/02. The organizers state that:
“this year’s world-famous carnival in Aalst may be cancelled, but at Caruur Gent we’ll give them a run for their money!”

On top of the atmosphere it promises to be a great match, as Caruur Gent will be taking on Maaseik.

Fill out the form below to register and we’ll get in touch with more details.

COME DRESSED & You will get a free bottle of Cava!


What’s planned for this ‘Carnival Edition’

  • 18:00-18:30: Welcome & Reception
  • 18:30-20:30: Dinner
    • Aperitif with tasty treats: Beef-tartaar &pickles //  Blini + pas de bleu & crumble of nuts // Cauliflower Flan
    • Starter: Mackerel with cabbage, hazelnut and soy
    • Main course: Flank steak with celeriac, lemon thyme and hasselback potatoes
    • Dessert: Crème chibouste yoghurt
  • 20:30-22:30: Match: Gent vs. Maaseik
  • 22:30-…: Networking, drinks & carnival party



IMPORTANT: You will have to install the CovidSafeBE app or another “European Digital Covid Certificate” on your smartphone.
Print screens are not permitted.  Without a valid digital QR code and your ID we cannot check your Covid status and you will therefore not be able to enter the event venue. Also make sure to bring your ID card.

You will have to meet one of the following conditions:

  • Hold a vaccination certificate that proves that you were already fully vaccinated two weeks before the event.
  • Hold a certificate of recovery (no older than 6 months) that proves that you have recovered from Covid-19.
  • Hold proof of a negative PCR test. Validity = day of test + 2 days.
  • Hold proof of a negative antigen test. Validity = day of test + 1 day. Important: the antigen test has to be administered by medically qualified staff (not a self-test!).

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