Webinar – How to get started on the Dutch Gas market

05/05/2021 · Webinar via Microsoft Teams

Registrations are closed & the webinar has taken place, please find the slides & recording via this link:


As discussed in our recent blog there are many ways to get insights into the full value chain on the Dutch gas market, you can read it here:


To accompany this blog we organize a quick introduction to the Dutch Gas market, the first public EGSSIS Webinar for everyone to attend.

Who should attend?:

  • Gas suppliers to end customers in The Netherlands
  • Existing shippers on the Dutch Gas Grids
  • International shippers who might be interested to operate in The Netherlands
  • Traders who would like to trade on the most liquid gas trading hub in Europe: TTF

In short, anyone who is active, or would have plans to become active on the Dutch gas grid.