EY takes EGSSIS to the next level


This is a guest post by EY 

Written by: Simon Anthonis, Partner at EY VODW



At EY VODW we help organizations of all sizes to understand their customers and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Our multi-disciplinary team of innovation strategists, digital experts, UX designers and growth marketeers works closely together with customer-facing teams to create desirable customer experiences and to design differentiating products & services.

While we typically work for big companies that want to become faster, every once in a while we have the pleasure of supporting fast companies to become bigger. This has certainly been the case for EGSSIS, a collaborative journey that started some 2 years ago…

laying the foundation – 2018

Early 2018 we started working with EGSSIS to bring them to the next level. While business was good for EGSSIS in the decade from 2008-18, they were eager and ambitious to expand across Europe. Our first project with EGSSIS was three-fold:

  1. Investigate user satisfaction & customer experience among existing clients
  2. Create a coherent strategic vision and plan for growth
  3. Define a distinctive value proposition and frictionless customer experience

After the first phase we started a thorough rebranding exercise together with EGSSIS, late 2018. “Butlers and Whizzkids” truly represents what EGSSIS means for its customers, as they combine state-of-the-art technology with an unrivaled focus on customer satisfaction. The branding, brought to life by Tim and Timo – the whizzkid and butler of EGSSIS-  was launched officially  during E-World 2019.


Furthermore, to ensure EGSSIS’ newly defined strategy was executed and progress was measured, we regularly aligned with the EGSSIS management team.


Throughout 2019 we worked closely with EGSSIS to further professionalize the organization and make it future-proof. The dedication and commitment of the management team in taking these bold steps towards the EGSSIS of the future, has been impressive.

EGSSIS invests heavily in improving the user experience of their software. Based on the outcomes of a UX audit we are working together on continuously improving the software  to make it even better for EGSSIS’ clients.

At the same time we are improving EGSSIS’ commercial and marketing approach, to grow even faster while improving customer service. EGSSIS has expanded their reach in the European market and has opened offices in France and Germany. In the meantime, EGSSIS is serving more than 50+ clients globally with their shipper services and software for power and gas operations.

Based on our successful collaboration, Tom Dufraing expanded EY VODW’s mandate to accelerate even faster over the coming period. We are working hard at EGSSIS with a multidisciplinary team:

  1. A senior product owner is taking ownership of the product roadmap and is working to implement UX improvements with the new CTO
  2. One of our senior strategists continues his work from 2018 to guard progress towards strategic goals & team governance
  3. We are supporting the commercial team in accelerating the growth
  4. We are working towards getting EGSSIS ISO 27001 certified. A senior EY IT security auditor works closely with EGSSIS’ new CTO to put the ISAE 3000 framework in place, with policies to cover:

  • Security & Risk management
  • Change management
  • Logical access management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Vulnerability management
  • Operations management
  • Supplier management


Furthermore, at the end of 2019, EY will conduct an ISAE 3000 type 1 audit to ensure EGSSIS is on track with the latest IT security & process requirements.

looking to 2020 & Beyond

EGSSIS has already achieved several impressive milestones, and there are more around the corner for 2020:

  • By Q1 2020 all EGSSIS clients should see improvements in the user experience and interface of egssPort Gas & Power
  • Later in 2020 EGSSIS aims to become ISO 27001 certified, and we will assist with the ISAE 3000 type 2 audit
  • Starting 2020 you will see more transparent & straightforward pricing for the software

Our EY Advisory experts will continue to work with key stakeholders at EGSSIS to realize progress and further growth in 2020.

The past two years working with EGSSIS has been quite an experience. The entrepreneurship and drive the team at EGSSIS has shown and their relentless focus on providing their clients with the best service and state-of-the-art solutions, is noting short of impressive.  We strongly believe that EGSSIS is a trustworthy counterparty for it’s clients.

Simon Anthonis, Partner at EY VODW