EGSSIS looks forward to GAZELEC 2017


GazElec 2017 is the event for companies active on the French gas and electricity market and buyers of energy. The event in Paris is held on 17, 18 and 19 October. EGSSIS is present at GazElec. We are helping companies with their obligations to nominate and balance the French energy grids. Becoming a supplier or gas shipper? EGSSIS provides software and service for cost effective operations. We look forward to connect and explore mutual business opportunities.


GazElec initially started as a meeting place between companies active on the French energy markets. The liberalization of the electricity and gas markets created competition between the incumbents and new market players. Newcomers developed market based products and this provides energy buyers to have access tot wholesale markets. A new development is foreseen that large industrial energy users have direct access to the energy markets and buy directly at energy producers and/or upstream.

Program GazElec 2017

The first day of the event is about the French electricity market. During the keynote sessions topics will be addressed about the regulatory framework and transition to renewable. The regulatory framework will look at the liberalization and the outlook in European perspective. The second day addresses the international outlook on gas and the developments in the French gas market. Both days will finish with a panel discussion between energy buyers and suppliers. The third day consists of workshops, wholesale energy markets, French gas market and methodologies and practices of purchasing gas. EGSSIS provides an alternative method for purchasing gas at the wholesales market. We look forward to meet you and discuss the alternative.