How are we improving the User Experience?



Together with Ernst & Young, EGSSIS is leveraging the product experience to the next level. Come by stand 2-435 every day at E-World from 11:00-11:30 and 14:30-15:00 to get to know more about the product improvement and mobile application from our newest product owner, Thomas Van Buggenhout and our interim product designer, Jelle Eysermans.

During this session we will mainly focus on the road to the ongoing redesign of our current EGSSIS platform and our very first mobile application.

UX Audit

We started our journey towards a better product after an extensive UX audit of the EGSSIS Platform. The report consisted of more than 130 points of improvement that made us clear that we have to focus on taking the product experience to the next level by focusing on a product vision.

Product Vision

Mentioning the need of a product vision reveals the true value of this audit. We realized that we were implementing features without asking stakeholders for the ‘why’. Having a product vision enforces ourselves to always take a step back by making the value of a specific feature crystal clear.

Our product vision is the result of multiple research methods to ensure it is future-proof and customer-centric. Via customer interviews and field-visits, we gathered useful information and after an intensive – but fun – workshop with the whole EGSSIS team, we shaped our product vision:

For dispatchers who need to keep a grip and overview of their energy portfolio. In 2023, the EGSSIS Platform will be the most proactive energy management platform that supports your team in achieving operational excellence. Unlike spreadsheets, our one-stop-solution provides guidance driven by intelligent automation in your day-to-day gas and power operations.

EGSSIS Product Vision 2023

User experience and interface

Based on the UX audit and the product vision, we will question and possibly redesign every single component in the platform to further improve the overall product experience.

In the picture above, you are able to see the first preview of the redesigned platform. The tip of the iceberg is that we mainly focused on simplicity, consistency and readability to make it easier for the user to complete a task in less time and clicks.

Mobile app

Besides the look and feel of our web application, we would love to already mention another crucial item of our roadmap that is impacted by our vision. Proactiveness and guidance are key-elements in our product vision and we believe that a mobile application will help to fulfill our promise to keep our customers on top of the market.

Next to our presentations regarding creating a product vision-based roadmap with a focus on UI/UX and the mobile application, we also have our CTO, Jan Corluy presenting his vision on the future of the EGSSIS Platform at 1400 each day during E-World.