Interview with EGSSIS DE (ener|gate Gasmarkt 5|19)


Almost a year ago, the Belgian EGSSIS NV founded a German subsidiary (ener|gate Gasmarkt 07/18). EGSSIS is specialised on the operations for gas and power transport. It has its own software solution for nominations, balancing group management, and scheduling. In addition, the company offers the whole market communication with distribution and transmission system operators in the gas and power sector and all other market participants. Finally, EGSSIS has a 24/7 operations desk to manage more than 20 customers’ portfolios. Manging means a range of services from simple nominations to trade deals, capacity bookings and portfolio optimisation. The operations, as well as IT development, are located in Belgium. Stefan Quentin, the managing director of the German subsidiary, was confident a year ago in a first discussion that he would be able to convince not only traders and business with a European business about the advantages of EGSSIS’ services, but also regional and local utilities. He told ener|gate Gasmarkt how the first year went and whether his optimism was justified.



ener|gate Gasmarkt: Mr Quentin, how satisfied are you with the first year in Germany?

Mr Quentin: I am very satisfied. We founded the company mid-2019, started with marketing and customer acquisitions, and were already able to get our first customer last year. We are still involved in some tender processes. So I think we will have at least two or three more customers until the end of the year. One additional aim was to make EGSSIS better known in Germany. We are on a good track to achieve that. Our marketing campaign with its slightly unusual approach for the industry, with “Timo the Butler” and “Tim the Whizzkid”, which we launched at Eworld, helped.

ener|gate Gasmarkt: From which market segment are you customers or potential customers?

Mr Quentin: To my surprise, bigger suppliers are more interested in our topics. And the scope of tenders is larger than we expected.

ener|gate Gasmarkt: Bigger means?

Mr Quentin: Stadtwerke that already have their own trading floor or at least have a structured procurement, but also regional utilities and the traditional German midstream companies (Ferngasgesellschaften).

ener|gate Gasmarkt: Nevertheless, the market is big enough for EGSSIS?

Mr Quentin: I think so. Basically, our unique selling point is the combination of software for balancing group management, nomination, and market communication, often in combination with a tailor-made 24/7 operations service, that we offer independent of the commodity. This combination allows companies – independent of their size – to participate immediately in the power and gas market. As a “one-stop-shop”, we can offer them all necessary services. Of course, there are customers who already use their own software, but do not want to let their staff do the operations after the office hours and over the weekends. For many companies, it does not make economic sense to organise 24/7 shifts. The operations services we offer start with simple nominations and matching surveillance, but we are also offering the optimisation and management of portfolios.

ener|gate Gasmarkt: And what are the next steps for business development?

Mr Quentin: Last year, EGSSIS acquired 15 new customers across Europe. European sales were first extended with EGSSIS Deutschland. And at the beginning this year, someone was hired for the business development in France and Spain. Also, there is a sales partner in the Czech Republic who covers the East European market. From time to time, we add new markets in Europe. Slovakia has been in our portfolio since January 1, and Poland and Italy will follow soon.

ener|gate Gasmarkt: Thank you for the interview, Mr Quentin


This interview is an excerpt from ener|gate Gasmarkt 5|19, which you can order here.