IT road map



As of 01/01/2019 egssPort will support matching for Slovakia (Eustream, NAFTA, …). The implementation is currently already under test and is being expanded with a release planned for the end of December 2018.


egssPort Web Tool (Q1-Q2)

egssPort is currently being rewritten from scratch into a full new web application. The idea is to have all egssPort functionality available in your favorite browser on top of the existing client database and infrastructure. Our current available tools will be merged into one modular system.

Development will continue throughout Q1 of 2019 with a release in Q2 of 2019.


Messaging AS2/AS4 (Q3)

Next to our current solutions for AS2/AS4 and other connectivity platforms we are exploring new tools and possibilities. This will increase our throughput, communication and redundancy even more.


Azure Testing / Infrastructure and Architechture upgrades (Q3)

We will upgrade our infrastructure architecture to a clustering technology called Azure Service Fabric. This technology will allow us to achieve a higher level of several -ilities: availability, scalability and manageability. It is also in line with modern Micro Service Architectures, and easily to transform in any cloud based environment.

We are currently exploring the option of deploying our services, websites and client databases to Microsoft Azure. We are close to performing live tests for connectivity, logging and stability. Azure can provide a full fall back for our services and offers full redundancy on a much larger scale.


Code base upgrade (Continuous)

We are always creating features with the latest available technologies in mind. This year we are planning to upgrade our existing code base where needed to ensure we can use the latest features of our frameworks with speed, security and implementation ease in mind. This is a continuous process.

We are also always looking to improve our internal processes to ensure good communication, testing, logging and documentation.


Extending Security and User Management

The release of egssPort 3.0.0 marked changes in the security features used in egssPort. E.g. user accounts are set to the users company email address, custom access and edit rights per user, and extra security auditing. In the upcoming releases of egssPort new security features will be added.

  • Log in using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services
  • IP restrictions for certain logins and companies
  • Custom password policies and history restrictions
  • Extra 2-factor authentication options