Looking back at a successful 2019


By all accounts 2019 was a year of accelerated transformation across the whole organisation. In order to meet the highest industry standards we have put several initiatives, started in 2018, in a higher gear. The result of all this hard work was a 24% increase in revenue for 2019, with the sales team exceeding the ambitious target for new business. 

Below we explain shortly how the different departments at EGSSIS contributed to this success, and are paving the way for a bright future.

Sales & Marketing

The commercial team was expanded with Alexandre Ktourza joining us in January ’19 as country manager France & Spain. In September Dries Lamont took responsibility for the whole sales & marketing team as Chief Growth Officer

After a thorough audit by EY the whole sales & marketing process, technology architecture, and customer focus were redefined and updated. We have rolled out a comprehensive Marketing Automation suite (HubSpot), to give us a clear view of client relationships and a direct channel to have two-way conversations with our customers and prospects.

The commercial efforts of 2018 & 2019 are visible in a growing client portfolio. Some big names that joined us in 2019 are: 

  • Orsted (Denmark)
  • Gasum (Finland)
  • Innogy (Germany)
  • Watz (Belgium) – our 1st power customer
  • EnergyaVM (Spain)
  • Priogen (Netherlands)
  • OMV Gas Marketing & Trading (Belgium)

IT & Product 

In September we also welcomed our Chief Technology OfficerJan Corluy, who is guiding the development and product teams. Furthermore we hired a top product owner: Thomas Van Buggenhout. We also have a UX/Product Designer, Jelle Eysermans, reinforcing the team as an external consultant for EY VODW.

Together with the talented and motivated development team at EGSSIS they are reshaping our back-end infrastructure, front-end user interface, and IT Security. You may have seen their mobile application demo at E-World, or one of their inspiring presentations on how we are building the energy platform of the future

The biggest projects for the IT & Dev team are of course done in close collaboration with the key customers, here’s an overview for 2019:

  • Integration project with Orsted: we replaced their current system (PSI) on a strict timeline of 6 months.  This means that we also had to replace all current integrations done with PSI, because Orsted operates in a major part of the European gas grid. This was a real challenge that the team completed with flying colours.
  • For Gasum we rolled-out support for the new market in Finland. We integrated our dispatching tools with the TSOs & market parties through direct APIs. During this project we demonstrated that we are able to easily integrate with other C/ETRM applications such as Hansen & Pioneer, through APIs.
  • Co-created an optimisation calculation module based on an API for Essent

Some highlights of our work in 2019:

  • Release of the new EgssPort web-application, allowing users to log-in on any device with a modern web browser
  • Implementation of various two-factor authentication methods and security measures
  • Rolled-out an online testing environment
  • Started ISAE 3000 Type 1 IT Security Audit in collaboration with EY in Q4, as a first milestone towards ISO 27001 certification
  • The team resolved more than 3500 tickets with change requests, updates, new features, improvements, etc.

Business analysts

We are strengthening our 24/7 dispatching team with new talent, which also allows our more experienced dispatchers to take on new roles. These new roles are two-fold: some of the experienced operations team evolve towards a larger focus on business analysis & account management, while others take on more responsibilities in planning & people management for the dispatching team. 

The business analysis staff are the backbone for EGSSIS – without them we are not able to serve our clients, nor would we be able to improve our software based on customer needs. They are the invaluable ‘bridge’ between our customers, sales, and the product team.

Thanks to the business analysis team we were able to:

  • Keep customer service and satisfaction at the highest levels – with an NPS of 40 we are among the top performers for SaaS & Service providers
  • Build the software according to the market rules & customer specifications/requirements for the new markets: Finland, Denmark, Power Belgium
  • Write valuable user stories based on client feedback and our own experience – which the product team uses to translate into our software

Kickstarting 2020

As you may know we were present at E-World and this edition was a great success – more on that in a few days, but here’s a short & powerful video with some impressions of the good times we had together with clients, prospects, and colleagues.