Looking forward: EGSSIS’ 2021 roadmap



Last month we looked back at the many releases of 2020, if you’ve missed it take a look here: https://www.egssis.com/2020-our-year-in-review/

As promised in the 2020 review we’re sharing our roadmap for 2021 with you.  Should you wish to discuss we are open to set up a meeting with your account manager. Hereby we pass the word to  our Product Owner, Thomas Van Buggenhout.

Our 2021 Roadmap

Below you can see the latest version of our ‘public roadmap’. Some big projects are not mentioned here, as we have to keep them confidential for now. However throughout the year you’ll hear more about those as we release them!

Remember that a roadmap is not ‘static’, it’s a living thing – based on the requests from our clients and internal prioritization some things may move up sooner, or end up getting pushed to a later timeframe.

EGSSIS’ Roadmap 2021 – Q1 version

There’s a lot to process on the roadmap, so we’ll highlight some specifics for the coming quarters and give some additional insights. We’ll also update this roadmap throughout the year, for Q3-Q4 you can expect additional projects to appear. The latest version can always be found on https://www.egssis.com/it-roadmap/

Q1-Q2 Projects

Below is a short rundown of key projects. We will have separate blogs offering more insights & information on specific projects throughout the year.

  • UX/UI

In 2019 the groundwork was laid for a refresher of our solutions User Interface (UI), which should lead to an improved User Experience (UX). In Q1-Q2 2020 a ‘design framework’ was established by UX experts assisting our team. Then the groundwork was laid & active development started in Q3-Q4 2020. By end of Q1 ’21 the updated interface for ‘Gas Scheduling’ (our MVP = minimum-viable-product) should go live. Throughout 2021 we will be updating additional UX/UI aspects of EgssPort Gas, and we’ll also look on how to roll-out the new look & feel for EgssPort Power. We will update you regularly with blogposts about this topic.

  • BSP Belgium

As you may have seen in our recent blog we make the case that it might be a good time to become a Balancing Service Provider (BSP).

Our team has been working since Q2 2020 to develop the interface with the flexibility platforms of Elia, the Belgian TSO for power. As I type this we are in the final stages of rolling these features out for a key client. Expect a specific blog on this topic soon!

  • Meteo Data

We are building a system which will allow EgssPort clients to subscribe to data from different weather stations. We will be able to provide you data from different sources, MeteoMatics, KMI, MeteoGroup, or custom links should you have your own subscription with another provider.  More information when it’s done.

  • Auto-balancing gas

Recently we launched auto-balancing between the Luxembourg’s power grid & the 4 German power grids (see the deep dive here.) We want our gas clients and their operations teams to also benefit from this ‘quality-of-life’ improvement. Currently we’re in the ‘business analysis’ phase, and we aim to release by end of Q2.

  • Auto-nomination

In parallel with the auto-balancing of gas, our team will also start developing auto-nomination features that are the logical extension of the auto-balancing. Within given parameters operations managers will be able to configure automatic nominations. A good use case could be long-term contracts that are not changing on a daily basis – by automating the nominations for these contracts the operations team/portfolio managers can focus on the contracts/deals that are more complex and need ‘human intervention’.

  • Gas storages rework

Part of the UX/UI update will feature the rework of how Gas storages are presented to the end user, with the goal of making it more intuitive.

  • Additional language support

Scheduled for Q2 – we would like to enable a ‘drop-down’, allowing end-users to select the language they would like to use in EgssPort.

  • Mobile App

A sneak peek is here: https://www.egssis.com/a-first-look-at-egssis-mobile-app/ This important update has been in full development since Q4 2020 & ready for 1st launch by Q2 ’21.

  • Mig6 implementation

Belgian TSO & DGO messaging is being updated to the MIG6 framework. Release is foreseen sometime by Q4 2021 and EGSSIS is participating in the Atrias workshops to ensure business continuity for our clients.

  • Power BI implementation

Our CTO, Jan Corluy, shared his vision on Power BI integration last year. The first Proof-of-Concept (PoC) is almost finished and the implementation will take place during Q1-Q2.

  • ETRM API integration

We’re in touch with several innovative ETRM players such as Igloo and Previse Systems. Expect more news here the coming year, as we explore ways to easily integrate their ETRM solutions with our gas & power operations platform.

  • ISO 27001 Certification

Your data is important to us, so IT security must be of the highest standards. As you know we passed the ISAE 3000 type 1 Soc2 audit in June 2020, and we are on track to get ISO27001 certified by Q2-Q3 2021.

  • Auditing system

Developing in Q1: A system for regular audits of all communication lines we maintain for our clients with 50+ TSOs, SSOs, hub operators, etc.


  • TIM upgrade – forecasting

We’ll work with our partner, TangentWorks, to upgrade the Tangent Information Modeller forecasting solution that is integrated in EgssPort.

  • Trading platform APIs

We plan to integrate closer with trading platforms and exchanges to allow for a faster flow of information in both directions.

  • Alerts & notifications reworks

Part of the UX/UI improvements and also important for the Mobile app! We will review how notifications work and update where needed. Currently we already provide pop-ups, automatic emails, SMS notifications, etc. We’re also looking to make things more ‘event-driven’.

  • Rework of the Commodity screens
  • Demo Environment updates
  • MIG6 finalize & roll-out
  • GASSCO grid (North Sea) updates
  • Merger of German market areas GasPool & NCG