Meet the creators of Tim & Timo


You may remember E-World 2019 as the moment we showed our rebranding to the world. Let us take you on a short history of how Tim & Timo came to life as the mascots of EGSSIS!

Irresistible Branding Guru – Dr. Peter de Boer

Dr. Peter de Boer started his career working for famous advertising agencies such as BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi. He has advised numerous companies going from start-ups to large enterprises.

As an associate of EY VODW he was closely involved with the EGSSIS Rebranding Project in 2018. After meeting with the team and learning about our ambitions he started thinking:
“How can we represent the inherent values that all EGSSIS employees hold dear?”

First of all he thought of the smart solutions they bring to help clients – which led to the creation of ‘Tim, the whizzkid’.

However, something was missing! Not only are EGSSIS’ employees coming up with smart solutions, the main goal is to be of service to the customers. So ‘Timo, the butler’ was born. There’s a whole origin story of Tim & Timo, which we may share with you one of these days.

The artist – Bram De Baere

Bram has been drawing since his childhood. After graduating as a Product Designer he started working at the design studio, WeWantMore in Antwerp. There he combined role as art director with his biggest passion: illustrating.

Nowadays Bram works in his own design studio near Leuven he focuses on character design, caricatures and political cartoons. He’s also the illustrator of Marcel, the famous gnome of La Chouffe. You may have seen these gnomes dancing on our booth after drinking a few ‘Chouffes’ during E-World 😉

Don’t hesitate to visit or admire more on his Instagram page:

Bram used his talents to bring Peter’s ideas to life, and so Tim & Timo were officially ‘born’!

The Designer – Jelle Eysermans

Jelle has been working as a consultant for EY VODW, and has been responsible for several projects at EGSSIS. He’s taken on the role as a UX designer, interim product owner, and of course he was instrumental in bringing the look & feel to life during the rebranding project.

He got to work with incorporating Tim & Timo into a new tagline, logo, brand guide, and lots of marketing materials.

So, now you know where our tagline ‘Butlers & Whizzkids’ comes from, and why Tim & Timo represent these 2 core values at EGSSIS: We serve our customers 24/7 like a butler, and optimize their energy portfolios with smart solutions!