New VIP implementation


On the first of March 2019, the TSOs GRTgaz Deutschland and Open Grid Europe will establish the VIP NCG Oberkappel in Germany. The original plan was to establish a VIP between NCG and the Market area East including the points Oberkappel and Überackern, but this did not turn out to be a feasible project. Following the written request by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), the aforementioned TSOs have decided to establish a VIP only at the German side of the border Oberkappel.

On the same date, two more VIPs will be established: VIP France-NCG and VIP NCG-Czech Republic (VIP NCG Waidhaus). The former of these two VIPs will include the points Obergailbach (GRTgaz) and Medelsheim (GRTgaz Deutschland & OGE), while the latter will include the points Waidhaus (NET4GAS – GRTgaz Deutschland & OGE). The implementation date of the first of March 2019 has been coordinated with the adjacent TSOs and the Federal Network Agency has been informed.

The involved TSOs will offer capacities at the VIP for the first time in the day-ahead capacity auction on February 28th 2019. In order to book capacity at the VIPs NCG Oberkappel and NCG Waidhaus, it is necessary to be registered by PRISMA at Open Grid Europe. In order to book capacity at the VIP France-NCG, it is necessary to be registered by PRISMA at GRTgaz Deutschland.

For further details about the implementation of these VIPs, please refer to the following link to Open Grid Europe’s website.