24/7 Operations

EGSSIS’ experienced gas and power operations team handles the nomination and balancing of your power and gas portfolios across Europe.

We work together and act on behalf of our customers, based on their scope, merit orders, checklist and instructions to execute their gas and power operations.

Whether you use our service 24/7 or out-of-hours, you can enjoy peace of mind because your portfolio is handled by an experienced gas and power operations team.

Amongst others we provide the following services for shippers or balance responsible parties:

  • Nomination and balancing of gas and power grids, including handling of gas storages and LNG terminals.
  • Capacity bookings across Europe. For example, using the gas capacity trading platform PRISMA.
  • Hub trading based on picking list or merit order list. EGSSIS is a certified agent for ICE Endex, PEGAS and EPEX SPOT.
  • Forecasting end users whether short term, intraday or both.
  • Balancing actions based on your merit order and instruction list.

We rely on more than 20 years of experience in the gas and power markets. Our team handles the balancing on various grids across 18+ countries for our clients.