EGSSIS offers PRISMA API Connectivity starting Q1 2020


The PRISMA platform provides a marketplace for the European gas markets through which shippers and suppliers buy transport and storage capacities at a both primary or secondary market levels.

The capacity booking platform gives you a direct access to 19 markets, 42+ Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and more than 1700 network points.

Integration PRISMA API in EgssPort  –  “Eliminate manual work”

EGSSIS integrated the API connectivity with PRISMA and implemented the level 1 API recently. With this development, all capacity bookings made by a company are automatically integrated into our egssPort Gas nomination & balancing software.

Your benefits – “Further digitalisation & higher quality”

We continuously work on further digitalisation with our Clients, to eliminate human risks by integrating automated checks and quality control.

This API leads to less ‘manual labour’ and eliminates the risk of a human error while copying all capacities in the software. It ensures a correct follow-up of your capacity usage, as well as a guaranteed & correct reporting to the data warehouse or to the back office.

How to start using the PRISMA API – “Activate it in your prisma account”

You only need to contract the API at your Prisma account and inform our staff, simple as that! Simply log on your PRISMA admin account and choose to enable the level 1 API Service in the “Premium Services” of the Shipper Admin section. The PRISMA level 1 API is integrated at EGSSIS’ side free of charge.

If you are interested in a deeper integration with PRISMA via the level 2 or 3 APIs, just get in touch. Our experts are happy to provide you with more information about this new PRISMA API functionality!