PRISMA is Europe’s platform for booking and trading of gas capacities. PRISMA was developed with the objective of advancing the liberalization of the European gas markets. In using the web-based platform the process of capacity trading is simplified. Gas traders can not only use PRISMA to book primary gas transport capacity at the European TSOs, they can also trade unused capacities at the secondary markets. The platform offers standardized capacity products and auction mechanisms. Next, PRISMA is integrated with the various TSO back-end systems.

Key figures of Prisma

  • 16 connected markets (e.g. France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom)
  • 37 TSOs and 3 SSOs (e.g. Fluxys, BBL, Interconnector, astora, EWE GASSPEICHER)
  • 600+ shipper companies
  • 1550+ network points


With our dispatching and software solutions you get access to the European gas markets. PRISMA provides you access to the capacity markets. Make use of both in order to optimize your gas supply and trading. E.g. combine the flexibility of upstream gas production fields with flexible gas transport capacities at the relevant entry and exit points.