Snam Rete Gas implements AS4 for Balancing Users


The new European regime in force since 1st of October 2016 represents a further step towards harmonization of the European market rules. The new balancing regime foresees changes for the TSO and market operators and is encouraging involved users to adopt new behaviors and processes. Snam Rete Gas is actively participating with market parties to implement the new regulation.

Workshops Snam Rete Gas

The first workshop took place on 23rd of November 2016 which addressed the main changes in the regime, hourly (re)nominations and information to users. The second meeting on 1st of February went further into details. Snam Rete Gas provided information on the nomination of storages owned by Stogit. May 10th marked the third workshop which provided the opportunity for follow ups regarding the main guidelines concerning IT. The next workshops are planned for July 26th 2017 and October 26th 2017.

IT implementation

Snam Rete Gas is actively working on the major changes in the IT landscape and users have to adopt new processes and market communication standards. The implementation of AS2 and AS4 is ongoing for the exchanges of the market messages related to nomination, balancing and allocation. (Messages ALOCAT, ACKNOW, Nomint and Nomres) EGSSIS has implemented the Edig@as formats via AS4 communication.