egssPort Power

egssPort Power is our solution for nomination towards TSOs in the power market. The scheduling tool handles among communication with TSOs in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and The United Kingdom, among others. It also stores the online metering of end users where available.

Features of egssPort Power include:

  • Nomination of expected load and injection, nomination for power exchanges between Access Responsible Parties (ARPs) / Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs).
  • Online calculation and within day balancing on 15 minute / 30 minute values (Program Time Unit).
  • Auto-balancing within or between connected grids is possible.
  • Several possibilities to trigger (semi-)automatic nominations: scheduled, event-based, or manual => the nomination workflow is easily adapted to your needs.
  • Interfacing with ETRM, optimization, client telemetering and forecasting modules.
  • REMIT-Reporting (requires additional fees): An API between the egssPort database and the Agent ensures a fluent daily reporting to fulfill your reporting obligations.

Supported Grids/exchanges:

  • Belgium: Elia, EPEX Spot Belgium (formerly Belpex) & Nord Pool
  • Germany: Tennet, Amprion, 50Hertz, TransnetBW
  • Luxembourg: Creos
  • France: RTE
  • United Kingdom: Elexon

Software as a Service

egssPort Power is used as Software as a Service (SaaS) and provides a cost-effective, reliable and secure solution.

  • Continuous and redundant setup of services hosted in ISO 27001 certified private cloud data centres.
  • Backup and restore procedures, including disaster recovery.
  • Security according the latest standards: with 2-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator or VASCO Keys)


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