ETRM/CTRM solutions

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Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management solutions are a key part of the IT landscape for many of our customers. Over the years we have set-up integrations with several solutions for our customers. This allows them to push data from their E/CTRM straight into EgssPort Gas and Power:

back-office solutions

Forecasting & analytics

Forecasting can have a huge impact on the business, hence many of our clients use some sort of forecasting model/solution. We are partnering with 2 innovative solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can choose to run your existing solutions next to one of these for a few months to compare and see which models/platforms perform better.

Market platforms

Weather data

We have several weather data providers for which we have set-up integrations into EgssPort Gas & Power:

solution not listed here?

Nothing stops you from using the solutions of your choice. Any modern solution in the categories mentioned allows some form of integration or has data export of ‘flat files’/.csv/excel which can be imported into EgssPort.

Our driven IT team is also working on the EGSSIS self-service API management portal and webhooks. Changes in EgssPort can also be pushed as notifications to your C/ETRM via webhooks, so you can receive and incorporate changes on contracts, metering data from the TSOs, and much more.


Market communication software

egssPort Gas

Gas shipping software
egssPort Gas

egssPort Power

Power scheduling software