E-World Talks: Orsted


Orsted is the most sustainable company in the world and we are proud to be their partner for gas operations software-as-a-service! During E-World they were happy to share their vision on how to adapt to a drastically changing industry.

Part of this drive to change involved us: In 2019 we completed a very ambitious project with the Orsted team to replace their existing software for gas operations. This project was done in close collaboration with teams at Orsted based in Denmark & Poland.

Within the tight time-frame of 6 months we managed to deliver the full scope of the project:

  • Get our solution up & running for gas operations in 7 countries
  • Reorganize some key screens and daily graphs for more user-friendliness
  • Set-up all the integrations with platforms of the TSOs
  • Complete the set-up and message testing for the market communications in all required formats
  • Flexible re-routing of all market communication back to Orsted
  • Create a connection with the Orsted data-warehouse which pushes contract data from egssPort Gas Solution towards Orsted to enrich their master data

Below you can watch how one of the key project managers at Orsted experienced the collaboration with us: