The added value of a reliable service provider



Recently, before joining the Energy One Group and merging with eZ-nergy, EGSSIS was featured on the Dutch business TV channel on a programme called ‘Zo Kan Het Ook’, which roughly translates to ‘How it can be done’. The aim of the show is to showcase innovative companies that do things differently.

In the video and this blog, we summarize the key benefits of working with the team of experts at EGSSIS and eZ-nergy and why you should consider EGSSIS and eZ-nergy as your reliable service provider.

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Key dynamics we see in the market

1)     Liberalisation has opened up the playing field

The TV show takes a look at the impact of unbundling state-owned gas and electricity companies over the past two decades in The Netherlands and Europe, which has resulted in an increase in energy companies and market participants.

Due to higher competition, these players try to diversify their brand by focusing on different areas, such as customer experience, operational excellence, or cost-optimisation. Working with a reliable service provider such as eZ-nergy and EGSSIS can help companies to score better in these fields.

2)     Changing consumption and production patterns

The energy mix is constantly changing in ways such as:

  • increasing renewable sources
  • consumption patterns changing e.g. an increase in electric heating
  • options to store and regulate power with electric cars and (smart) batteries

To anticipate these changes, Transmission System Operators update regulation, market access rules, and more, causing market participants to keep up with these changes.

3)     New IT solutions and service providers for 24/7 operations

Gas and power flows 24/7. Very often, market participants have the obligation to be available 24/7 to ensure their energy portfolio is balanced. It can be costly and time-consuming for a business to operate its own 24/7 operations desk, which is why new market participants – as well as established companies – work with specialised service providers who are experienced and can help optimize their costs.

The benefits of working with a dedicated service provider

In the video, we explain the benefits in more detail, but to summarise, our customers identify three main benefits of using a reliable service provider:

  1. Web-based SaaS: EGSSIS and eZ-nergy take care of constantly-changing market communication rules, message formats, TSO platforms and more. Plus, there is the added value that you can work from anywhere
  2. Outsourced 24/7 services to experienced teams means cost optimization
  3. A long-term partner that invests in modern and efficient IT solutions 

All these things combined allow customers of the Energy One Group to focus on their core business, such as attracting and retaining a healthy customer base.

Working with a reliable service provider such as EGSSIS and eZ-nergy gives you peace of mind.